available to hire for events throughout South East England

available to hire for events throughout South East England

Some Of My Work

Over the years Gary has been invited to perform at a variety of events, from birthday parties to book launches.

Take a look at some of the highlights of his singing career below.

He has entertained the cast of TV series Eastenders at a party for actor Steve McFadden and various film premieres.

Entertained at various book launches and book signings for True Crime authors such as Dave Courtney, Steve Wraith, John Pridmore, Linda Calvey (Black Widow), Kelly Mclean (daughter of Lenny McLean) and Kery Kaya.

Other gigs include the premiere for the film Rise of the Kray’s and of course my own film appearances as the club singer in the Glasgow gangster film Wee Man about Paul Ferris and The Rise of the Footsoldier 3 about Essex boy Pat Tate.

He co wrote his own single – ‘The Old East End Tonight’ about the Kray Twins and London’s east end. Available to download from all major stores plus YouTube.

He has appeared on BBC TV series, The Hairy Bikers “The Pubs that built Britain” series “The East End” where he was requested to sing “My Way.”

He has performed as the supporting act for various celebrities such as Joe Longthorne, Jimmy Jones, Micky Pugh, Michael Barrymore and Duncan Norvelle. Scroll on to find out more!

Entertaining the London Underworld

30 years on the London circuit and apart for being hired to sing at gangster Reggie Kray’s funeral wake, I have also been requested to sing at various parties for other known faces of the London underworld, such as Freddie Foreman, Mad Frankie Fraser, Joey Pyle, Linda Calvey, the Tibbs family, Dave Courtney and Brian and Michael Emmett.

Testimonials from known faces of the London Underworld

The Godfather of British Crime Freddie Foreman, personally requested for me to entertain him and his family and friends at his 91st birthday party on 5th March 2023.

“I want to thank Gary for singing at my 91st birthday last week. He has a wonderful voice that brought back many memories.
The Joe Longthorne songs were the best I’ve ever heard and made me smile. I love the his own song about me, “Brown Bread Fred” It’s very accurate, and he sings it beautifully. Thank you Gary and God Bless.”
Freddie Foreman x

Freddie Foreman

“Gary has a fantastic voice, with an uncanny resemblance to the great Matt Monro.”

Frankie Fraser

Testimonial coming soon

Terry Ellis

Terry Ellis, Author and former criminal known for pulling off an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist that many within the legal underworld believed was “an impossible job”.

Testimonial coming soon

Dave Courtney

Dave Courtney, former London Gangster also known as “The Yellow Pages of the Underworld” and author of 5 bestselling true crime books, and the organiser for the personal security of Ronnie Kray’s funeral.

Testimonial coming soon

Micky Goldtooth

Micky Goldtooth, East End hard man and owner of Gangster Tours.

​Testimonial coming soon

Steve Wraith

Steve Wraith, actor and author and well-known face on Tyneside, who became a close friend to the Kray twins.

Brian Emmett former armed bank robber and Bobby Cummins OBE, chief executive of Unlock, former gang leader, armed robber and criminal enforcer
Freddie Foreman.
picture 2 – Freddie Foreman.jpg
picture 4 – Freddie Foreman.jpg
Book cover ‘The Game’ by Linda Calvey
Frankie Fraser.
Book cover ‘Mad Frank’s Diary’ by Frankie Fraser
Gary Driscoll with Maureen Flanagan
Book cover of ’40 Years With The Krays A Memoir’
Gary Driscoll with Dave Courtney
Dave Courtney
Micky Goldtooth
Micky Goldtooth
Billy Blundell
Terry Ellis
Gary Driscoll with Terry Ellis
Gangster Tours
Gangster Tour Bus
Gangster Tour Bus
Gangster Tour Bus
Don Black
Gary Driscoll with Joe Longthorne
Joe Longthorne
Gary Driscoll with Jimmy Jones
Film – The Wee Man
Producer Mike Loveday, Director Ray Burdis
On set
On set
Gary Driscoll with Vicki Michelle
Maureen Flanagan
Emily Wyatt
Maria Driscoll

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